David Nott Foundation Christmas Give-Away

To wish you a very Happy Christmas and thank you for your invaluable support to the David Nott Foundation, we are offering this very stunning necklace as a prize to one lucky person.
The Etruscan Style necklace was made by the age old process of lost wax casting,  a technique that goes back over 2000 years ...  the same technique that was used by Etruscan jewellers to get the perfect cast.  The brass components are gold plated, and the cast brass coins patinated in an antique black and the necklace is carefully put together using faux pearls.
The necklace sells for £230.00
For your chance to win just email this code
The winner will be announced on December 27th
"And while you're here"  do have a browse around the other wonderful jewellery on the site, elegant earrings, vintage pieces from France and Italy, big bold bangles, and vintage brooches.
For the next 7 days we are offering you a 15% discount throughout the site and we will donate 50% of the balance to the David Nott Foundation.
We may be in lock down but that's no excuse to not dress yourself up to the nines to welcome in a much better 
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This is going to be a different holiday but whatever you are doing, please have a Happy Happy Christmas and Holidays, and lets all move forward together  to welcome in a peaceful positive 2021
Thank you